'Charity of the Year 2021' of Glossop Golf Club         

LAST YEAR, in the UK alone, over 1.4 million tonnes of items were thrown away; 620,000 tonnes of that was sent to landfill, the balance was re-used by such as ourselves at Glossopdale Furniture Project. Overall, nationally, 3.7 million items of furniture were re-used benefitting around 1.6 million households saving those low income individuals and families around £9.7 million.
Unfortunately there is so much 'stuff' which people discard, charities such as the Project cannot accommodate everything which is donated simply through lack of space and storage. Much as we would like to accept more, it is simply not physically possible - unless someone can offer us more (donated?) warehousing space!
We cannot thank you enough for your generosity which, in turn, is helping us help those in need. We are doing our best to take as much out of the waste stream to put to good use, but we are being overwhelmed. Society, generally, needs to move away from the throwaway culture and reduce its reliance on single use items. Not only will that help economically, it will have significant social and environmental benefits.
Last year alone in Scotland 200 million disposable cups were used of which the majority percentage was the cause of substantial environmental waste. (statistic from 'Zero Waste Scotland')
Reuse has a critical role to play in environmental change. A 20% change away from single use items -  such as disposable cups - will benefit in a £7.5 billion economic saving.
Society needs to challenge what has now become the established norms. The large manfacturing companies are being challenged to react to the calls for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and produce goods with longer life, eco designs capable of being repaired. You can also play your part, however small - do you really want your coffee in that throwaway cup?

Thank you to everyone who called at out George Street shop today and well done to those who went away with a copy of Jay's book in our special competition!

Just a few of the online comments from fans of 'The Repair Shop' who have read 'Making It'

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We sincerely appreciate all your support in helping us to help others with your donations of furniture and household items.

The necessary protocols to all our deliveries and collections still apply until we are advised otherwise. We are also responding to a backlog of work so there may be a delay schedule your collection. If you can support the Project in any way with your donations, please fill in the collection enquiry form. Please do not be offended if we refuse your donation if it is not an essential needed at this time or an item which we cannot relocate or re-use immediately - we simply do not have the space to accept everything!



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Thank you for your continued support and stay safe!

WHITE GOODS:The Project will accept certain electrical 'white goods' items including fridges, fridge-freezers, microwaves and other small household electricals. It does not take cookers, washing machines, tumble driers or any gas appliances. 

The Project does not carry out full house clearances. It also does not accept scrap metal.

Our collection team can advise on other operators for clearances and items which it is not able to handle or accept.