If you would like to Donate Furniture, Please fill out our collection enquiry form.


If you require further assistance please phone the office on 01457 857505


Don't Forget to Gift Aid!

We accept…
most items of furniture and household items which are in good, clean condition and not seriously damaged beyond reasonable repair. The Project needs good quality items which are in an appropriate condition to either pass on to individuals or families in need or can be refurbished and resold to fund the services our charity provides.

Any previously flat-packed furniture - eg: wardrobes, shelving units, cupboards etc. - which has been dismantled for removal, should be fully reassembled ready for collection. We cannot accept flat-packed furniture which remains dismantled.

Bed frames need to be dismantled and, ideally, the individual items securely bundled together with any bolts, screws or fastenings bagged and labelled. This will ensure that all the parts are kept together when being collected, transported and stored.

Larger, older types of wardrobes, bedroom or lounge furniture should be accessible for ease of removal. We may not be able to remove these items if there is likely to be any difficulty or lengthy removal due to time restrictions.

Furniture which is of chipboard or composite materials construction which is badly chipped, has damaged joint fixings or is separating due to water ingress cannot be accepted. We cannot recycle chipboard or composite furniture which cannot be reused.

While we accept white goods such as fridges, freezers, fridge freezers, microwaves and other small electrical items, we do not accept, washing machines, tumble driers cookers or any gas applicances.

Please note: our charity is not a house clearance service or waste disposal operative. When donating your items please consider if you would be happy to receive the items you are considering donating. 


To be able to donate your upholstered item to Glossopdale Furniture Project, the permanent fire safety label must be attached – otherwise we will not be able to take it from you. Please keep your fire safety labels attached to your items of furniture for this reason!
Permanent fire safety labels are a legal requirement on any upholstered items and furnishing such as a sofa, with the intention of letting people know that the item complies with British Fire Safety Regulations. Many upholstered items contain foams, fillings and other materials, that could potentially be flammable and because of this, items must have set levels of fire resistance determined through a series of flammability tests.

The fire regulations state that:

  • The fillings inside materials must meet ignition requirements
  • Upholstery and covers must be cigarette and match resistant
  • A permanent label must be fitted to every new item of furniture
  • A display label must be fitted to every newfurniture item at the point of sale

Mattresses, divans and bed base fire regulations are covered under a separate British Standard and also require a permanent, attached label.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept:

  • Bedding
  • Crockery
  • Clothing
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Ovens

Due to limited space we may be unable to accept everything, but this does change on a weekly basis when space becomes available.